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URIEL Neoprene Ankle Splint with Bilateral Protection

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This ankle support provides bilateral protection via aluminum rod on the medial (inside) side and a flexible spiral rod on the lateral (outside) side, without limiting ankle motions. Controls abnormal plantar flexion and inversion without restricting range of motion, 
Provides post -injury protection for ankle injuries as well as support for tendinopathies and ligament trauma around the ankle.  May be used following fractures and post- plaster cast use.

  • Thermo Ankle Splint provides comfortable reinforcement for steadying broken, strained or injured ankles
  • Useful for the treatment of inflammation of the ankle joint and in cases of Tendinitis, Arthritis, strained tendons and sensitive ankle joints
  • Premium Neoprene with terry inner lining for extra comfort and sweat management
  • Fits Left or Right Foot
  • Small 7.25-8.00, Medium 8.00-9.25, Large 9.25-10.00, XL 10.00-11.25 (measure circumference of foot for correct fit)