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URIEL Silicone Heel Spur and Arch Support Pad Combo (Pair)

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Uriel Silicone Heel Spur and Arch Support Combo

This heel pad is made of 100% silicone, with a soft blue dot in the center, which helps relieving the pain by releasing the strain of the body weight on the spur during walking, jumping or physical activity.

The "spur" or calcaneal spur is a pointed bony outgrowth protruding from the lower part of the heel bone where the main tendon of the foot muscle is connected, and can become painful and make walking and weight bearing activity uncomfortable.

The heel spur cushions are supplied in pairs which should be worn together, even if only one heel has a spur.

100% silicone.

Shoe size: Small EU 35-38, Medium EU 39-41, Large EU 42-44