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URIEL Active Adjustable Neoprene Wrist Splint (One Size S-XL)

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  • Uriel Active Wrist Splint provides wrist support and minimizes wrist movement and pressure on the median nerve.  The Active Wrist Splint relieves symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, supports weak wrists after plaster cast removal, and tendon or muscle injuries.   
  • Splint holds the hand at an angle of approximately 35 degrees to the wrist. 
  • Angle can be altered by slightly bending the adjustable aluminum palmar splint. 
  • Quality neoprene covered with lycra fabric on both sides and breathable air mesh elastic for comfortable all-day or all-night wear.
  • Hook & Loop closure secures the wrist splint for easy on/off and secure fit
  • One size (S-XL) - adjustable - Available in Right or Left