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URIEL Bilateral Thermal Wrist Splint

URIEL Bilateral Thermal Wrist Splint

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This splint is made of thick THERMAL Neoprene, with 100% cotton towel lining. It helps retaining body heat which promotes faster healing and ease of pain.

The bi-lateral Wrist Splint takes the strain off the wrist and provides firm wrist support whilst allowing for normal daily functions.

Relieves pressure from the CMC and MCP thumb joints.

With an aluminum palmar stay designed to provide firm wrist support by holding the wrist in a functional position at an extension of 35 degrees (adjustable, optional). The brace is adaptable for right or left hand.

Recommended for the treatment of wrist pain due to strain, sprain, fracture, inflammation or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for management after plaster cast removal, treatment of ligament, tendon or muscle injuries. Reduction of swelling in the wrist area.

Fits right or left hand.