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Uriel Arm & Shoulder Immobilizer

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  • Uriel Arm & Shoulder Immobilizer Support is recommended for post-surgical shoulder immobilization.
  • Ideal for Rotator Cuff, Dislocated AC Joint, Labrum Tear, and shoulder pain
  • Adjustable wrist and humeral cuff, as the shoulder strap may be positioned as needed for proper control and custom fit.
  • Stabilizes shoulder while allowing free finger movement.
  • Measure around abdomen for sizing.
  • Small 30-34 in, Medium 34-38 in, Large 38-42 in, XL 42-46 in, XXL 46-50 in

1. Unfasten all closures.
2. Wrap the waist band around your upper waist so that the upper edge is right below your breast line and secure hook and loop closure, as shown in the picture.
3. Attach the humeral (upper arm) cuff (longer cuff) onto body of the waist band just above the elbow. Place your upper arm into the cuff and secure it.
4. Attach wrist/forearm cuff (smaller cuff) onto the body of the waist band in the front, place your forearm in cuff and secure.
5. Attach the shoulder strap to the wrist/forearm cuff, bring over the unaffected shoulder, secure to back of immobilizer and adjust strap to desired tension level, as shown in the picture.