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Lady's Feet for Fashion Forward Footwear

Posted by Ari Zacepitzky on

Calling all fashionistas!   Do you love your stilettos, kitten heels, pumps, thongs and  platforms?   Wear your flare for fashion with pride while minimizing pain on your toes, ankles and heels.

Improve the long-term comfort of your toes, ankles and back by sneaking some of our strategically placed, high quality padding into your shoes.  Lady's Feet is a complete line of metatarsal pads, heel inserts  and insoles made specifically for women's feet, and fashion-forward footwear.

Uriel USA offers a total solution for discomfort caused by stylish shoes, including Sandal and High-Heel Thong Cushions, metatarsal supports, arch supports, heel liners, heel cushions and insoles. 

Stock up today, so that you can wear your favorite shoes, comfortably and confidently all summer long.





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